Our beautiful front gate

We have arrived at the Livesey Museum!  After our long wait, we are finally up and running and this will be our permanent premises for the foreseeable future.

The Livesey Museum has a fascinating history.  The building was commissioned by George Livesey in 1890 as a library for workers of the local gasworks and later entrusted to the people of the old parish of Camberwell, extending as far as North Dulwich.  The building was bomb damaged in the 1940s (the bomb was intended for the nearby gasworks, but missed).  All of the books from the library were transferred to other libraries in 1966, and in 1974 the building was regenerated as the Livesey Museum for Children and was a much loved part of many children’s lives up until 2008.

The Livesey garden

The premises have been secured on the basis that we will rehabilitate the building (after some years of neglect) and that we will provide access for community events and activities to those living within the Old Parish of Camberwell (extending South to Gypsy Hill).

The move to the Livesey building will herald a new phase in our development and ensure that the Livesey may continue its legacy as a provider of services and opportunities to the local community.