Referring a Young Person to Treasure House

Treasure House is a not-for-profit independent school providing an alternative to mainstream settings.  Treasure House works with young people who, as a result of their circumstances, cannot cope with disruptive or anti-social behaviour.  Each young person accepted onto Treasure House’s roll will be offered a trial period to ensure that they understand and behave in line with the ethos of Treasure House.

*Please be aware that as of 2023 we still have a waiting list.  Contact us for more information.

Young people applying to Treasure House must be:

  • Between the ages of 14-19 (Year 9s who are 14 are welcomed)
  • Unable to cope within a mainstream educational setting
  • Willing to support and be supported by the other students at Treasure House
  • Have no impulsivity or mood regulation issues that will impact negatively on other students unless they are able to manage these effectively with minimal support

Treasure House accepts referrals from academies and schools, and local authority education departments, including SEND departments.  Many parents contact the school directly but funding must be available from the responsible body for a place to be offered.

Parents are welcome to call or email us using the details below if they would like to discuss the suitability of the provision for their child.

Step 1  Contact us to initiate referral by email or phone (020 7732 5327) someone will call you back to find out initial details about the young person before progressing to Step 2

Step 2 – Visit Treasure House and meet with a member of staff to discuss the needs of the young person and whether or not they can be met by the school, this allows the young person and family to see if Treasure House is the right place for them too

Step 3 – Fill in referral form, complete risk assessment, provide full and complete details of the young person’s difficulties and review service level agreement, SEND departments send consultation details

Step 4 – It is vital that Treasure House can meet the needs of the young person being referred without negatively impacting other students, all staff are consulted in anticipation of any necessary accomodations

Step 5 – If a place is available, and both parties agree, the place will be formally offered subject to the appropriate records being forwarded to the school and any futher risks identified considered

Step 5 – The service level agreement must be signed and returned before the placement commences

Step 6 – The young person will attend the school for an induction before taking up their place

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us

All data collected through the referral process is handled in accordance with our Data Protection Policy and the Data Protection Act 2018.

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