From Entry Level to GCSE

We aim to develop pupils’ abilities to make calculations, to understand and appreciate relationships and patterns in number and space, and to develop their capacity to think logically and express themselves clearly.

Qualifications provided are Entry Level Certificate, Functional Skills and GCSE qualifications, all accredited by AQA.

The AQA Functional Skills accreditation aims to express how Maths is useful in everyday situations and the world of work and provides contextual material which emphasises the benefits of Maths to people who have been ‘turned off’ by the subject.

The AQA GCSE Mathematics qualification helps students develop a knowledge and understanding of:

  • problem solving
  • reasoning
  • applying maths in context
  • the functional elements of maths

Numeracy for students who are not ready to follow a Level 1 course

Some students need extra support in their Maths lessons, or are not able to follow an accredited course at Level 1.  In these cases at least four hours of numeracy lessons are provided with an emphasis on learning essential skills in a real life context.

Students may sit an AQA Entry Level course if they are ready to do so.