PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education)

Exploring individual journeys through relationships and personal environment

PSHEE is provided at Treasure House to promote an awareness of people and how they live, their relationships with each other and their environment, and how human action, now and in the past, has influenced events and conditions.

At Treasure House we place an emphasis on each student’s individual journey to take up their place in the society in which they live.  It is important that we offer a tailor-made programme which is responsive to our young people’s needs.  This frequently involves responding to a particular co-hort through a flexible curriculum.  Each year the curriculum starts with British Values, democracy, rights and responsibilities and usually ends with careers work, including mock interviews.

Social Skills

Students with a diagnosis of Autism are given lessons with our SEND Teachers (or an external practitioner) to support the development of Social and Communication skills.

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